Phil’s Tax Hacks

Ep 158: The Retirement Marathon: Finishing the Race

November 10, 2022

Getting through retirement can be a lot like running a marathon. In this episode, we will discuss some similarities between getting to the finish line in racing and retirement.

A lot of people assume that training for a marathon consists of long runs every day, when it actually involves a lot of planning. Most marathoners spend at least six months in training…mixing in days with light runs, some days with long runs that simulate the marathon, and other days with shorter, faster runs.

Planning for retirement is similar. You should have money invested in different ways to accomplish different tasks and your portfolio should have some planning behind it, not just haphazard investment choices.


Join us on today’s episode as we break down these major topics:

  • In sports, you have to strategize your training to set yourself up for success. Listen to hear how retirement works the same way. (1:49)
  • How a training diet relates to retirement planning. (6:00)
  • Why you don’t want to start too fast in a race, or in retirement. (10:18)

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