Phil’s Tax Hacks

Ep 152: Can’t Get No Satisfaction… Or Can You?

September 29, 2022

Want to know the secrets to experience satisfaction in retirement? We’ve discovered five key situations in which your financial plan needs to lead you. If you can key in on these five points, you’ll have a high chance to achieve retirement satisfaction.

Making sure you have all your bases covered isn’t always an easy feat with so many things to consider. In this episode, we will discuss exactly how you can retire with confidence in your financial future.

Join us on today’s episode as we break down these major topics:

  • How you can achieve peace of mind in retirement. (3:37)
  • How diversifying your income can help you achieve better financial security. (5:32)
  • Do you have confidence that you will be able to enjoy your retirement? (7:55)
  • Do you have the security of a plan for long-term care if needed? (11:59)

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