Phil’s Tax Hacks

Ep 139: Are You a Risk Taker? Evaluating Your Risk Tolerance Level

June 16, 2022

Do you take a lot of risk or are you a conservative investor? On today’s episode, we’ll explore why risk tolerance matters and how understanding our own risk tolerance level can protect our assets and future.


Watch the video podcast:


Key points: 

0:25 – The current stock market

2:20 – Increasing inflation and retirement

3:56 – Do most people know their risk tolerance level?

5:31 – Are we panicking too much?

8:00 – How often does risk match their portfolio?

11:30 – Should we adjust our risk level now?

13:11 – Bucket strategy to mitigate risk

14:53 – Taking unnecessary amounts of risk

17:49 – Adjusting your risk strategy in retirement

20:40 – Can you reduce risk without giving up growth?  


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