Phil’s Tax Hacks

Ep 133: Can I Retire at 55?

May 5, 2022

It’s a question more and more people are asking, especially as the workplace continues to change following the pandemic. But are you in a position to step away from a consistent paycheck at age 55? Phil will provide a great look at the reality of early retirement in today’s environment and apply some real-world examples to the discussion.  


Watch the video podcast: 


Key points: 

1:09 – Background on this topic

3:20 – How many clients want this?

4:05 – Immediate challenges

5:14 – Retiring at 65

7:48 – Retirement lifestyle

9:06 – Running the math

11:38 – Challenges in this environment

13:18 – Mailbag question on retiring early

15:08 – Mailbag question with another scenario

16:36 – Bear market coming?

17:46 – Conversation with your advisor

19:43 – Mailbag question about paying house off


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